The mission of The Norrí Institute of Healing is to share teachings of Norrí Biofield Therapy for growth and healing in order to create a climate of peace and pure connection with Divine Self.

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    The Norrí Institute of Healing, the heart-brain child of Mary Norris, is the training ground for many professional practitioners.  Healers and teachers from all parts of the world seek private sessions with Mary to improve the level of success in their practices. 

     Workshops offered by the Norrí Institute of Healing teach students personal care of their energy bodies while building the strength needed to reach their highest potential as healers.  Tri-body awareness and tri-heart alignment are taught to help practitioners hold sacred space while facilitating the client’s healing process.  The connection between your soul self and our Divine Parents is reinforced as you learn the art of healing.  This connection to the Divine Parents is imperative for quality healing work.

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Norrí Institute of Healing


Knowledge is your past
Wisdom is your future

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